#WhatIWoreWed: Hipsterrupted

It was my last day out in Indy for my holiday weekend , so as I chilled out, so of course did my style.

I’m always down for comfort and as it was the day I had to truck it back home from my folks place…I went for something easy to get around in. Now, I am super neutrals chick but I’ve been eyeing these royal blue denim and I thought to myself, “they are calling your name girl…they are calling your name.” So I grabbed them, and its not as if I loathe colors…I just never know how to turn it down a level…and I fell in love with the look, the ease of mesh and so forth.

So why is it hipster like? The mix of neutral on pop , with a pattern, as well as the baggy shirt and beanie really set it off. OH! The combat boots as well ;). My love for elephants…this awesome find, with the leather and gold rope chain, really complimented the outfit along with the wood ring. Exciting stuff! I can’t wait to wear this with a blazer and my leopard heels!

Now did I come home and pass out? No. Rearranged my entire home decor. New year. New look . I’m ready for it.

Anywho, thanks for reading! ;)

(Top, One Clothing [ROSS]/racerback tank, Discovery/bottoms, EXPRESS/ Scarf, EXPRESS/ Necklace, DECREE [JCP]/Ring, Body Central/Beanie, Forever 21 [old])

Until Next time,


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