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Stylist Side: Chic Boho-Speaking Engagement

Yes in keeping true to my very on style and showcased theme here, Boho just makes me smile. :) This past Monday, I was asked to participate in a Career Day that the RAY Organization was heading, in conjunction with Brookwood Jr. High. Now this “Career Day” was unlike most because it was setup workshop style. I had the chance to meet some fantastic teenagers, some of which my mother taught only a year ago. And having the opportunity to speak to them about something that they are already familiar with, being that of Social Media, I got to tell them how they could later on make a profession of it, by Socially Marketing or Professionally Blogging which was more than exciting! I feel that Social Media Networking and Marketing is beyond amazing! Showing the kids how important this is, especially in the study of Communications and the fact that they can actually do wonderful things with their very own thoughts shocked the kids! SO, needless to say, I live for these speaking engagements. So much so that, I will be back at Brookwood Middle School in May! I will be conducting a mini workshop on Social Media with the sixth graders! But as always, I would like to thank the RAY of Illinois Organization for another wonderful opportunity, as well as Brookwood Jr. High/Middle School for inviting me and asking me to come back (as this was my second time coming back to the district)!

(top, Old Navy/necklace,pants, EXPRESS/Shoes, Barefeet Shoes/bracelets, Forever21)
So, now that I’ve explained to you what I did, now you see why I didn’t exactly bother with a suit. My favorite thing, beyond that sherbet orange and grey top, is the Express multi-chain necklace that I paired with an OLD pair of faux pearls my grandmother gave me. Even though I went relaxed on the outfit, I needed a statement piece, so not only did I mess with shape here as far as my body goes but I messed with metals and layered the jewelry to complete it.

Lastly, I got to play with a new Kate Moss lipstick (08) and the e.l.f lip primer and plumper! I honestly didn’t have high hopes for the lip primer/plumper but it did actually help my lipstick to stay on all day, so I was quite pleased.

Thanks for reading!


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Stylist Side: Azteca Bohemia

Friday was phenom and it ended up being quite the busy day…
After a pretty smooth day at work I had a busy night ahead of me, so I figured I would try and keep it cool and casual…as always of course. SO, I figured I would have a little fun! 

(earrings, beauty supply/necklace,top, Forever21/denim, EXPRESS/shoes, BareFeet Shoes)

I was actually on 47th and Damon at the beauty supply store and while I was there I stumbled across these silk wrapped hoops with a feather in the center! They were so dope to me, so I made that purchase. The top and braided suede feather necklace I bought from Forever21 about three weeks back, so it made easy for it all to go together. The top has a ton of bright, spring/summer colors to really accent any light or dark pair of shorts and or jeans.

Whatever store is selling boho tops, I always get the top one to two sizes bigger so that I can get the baggy look. This top is actually a M. WAY bigger than what I thought it would’ve been but I love the way it looks here.

MY FAVE shoes, I bought two years back from BFS, but I didn’t start wearing them until last summer. They are suede, fish-scaled booties in camel.

Thanks for reading :D!


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Stylist Side: Azteca Sweater in Grey

AHHHH I fell in LOVE with this SWEATER….
This was the last and final weekend as a Stylist at Express. Super sad to step down but it opened the door for other opportunities. That same weekend I had my first performance with Spud at Sub T and even though it was cold, I STILL wanted to be cute. SO I hit up Forever 21 and walked out with MORE than I had planned on purchasing. I found  something that screamed Boho but still had a little shape to it. IN my fave color (Grey) and I could wear it alone, off the shoulder and with a pair of shorts too when it gets warmer :)!!!!
I bought it a size bigger than I normally would and threw it on top of a brown long-sleeved tee. I also paired it with a pair of silver lined, leopard threaded earrings and a suede braided feather necklace with light gold accents,which all came from Forever.Ahhhh Yes. I always mix silver and gold. The combination of metal actually looks great if paired correctly.:D

The performance went well though. I totally enjoyed myself, met new people and just had a blast!!!!

That’s it that’s all for the fashion catch up…can’t WAIT to catch you all up on this weekend. :D


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Stylist Side:Presidential

Had the day off and I was feeling quite amazing. Yay For President’s Day! Had a few plans for the day, but I ended up playing around at Target and other stuff.This was also the day that I decided I wanted to make some changes. When it is time to make those necessary changes of course, I always start with the home first! :D

I was looking for something fun, but nothing to over the top as it was a great day outside. SO I reached for my new scarf  (Old Navy) and pulled on some vintage EXP (graphic tee) and some new EXP (extreme stretch jean legging).  And I brought back on home in enough time to do the video on scarves! Check it out below if you’ve not seen it already!


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Stylist Side: Winter Steeze

The weather made more than a drastic change this past week, and I truly did NOT want to be out in the weather…

But when duty calls, gotta make do. as I was already in the crazy weather that day, I wasn’t too sure I wanted to be caught anywhere else in it. As well, its truly hard to be cute and warm when it comes to a Chicago winter. We have to choose between the two and if you are reading this shaking your head, its true. Quite true.

Wearing quite a few faves and a new edition. I feel as though I am the spokes person for EXPRESS as many clothes that I’ve purchased form them, but I am wearing the Extreme Stretch denim. They take the Jegging just a step further, but they still have more denim material than normal jeggings and fit well enough for me to have two pairs. :). They’ve become my fave type of denim. Along with this though, I am wearing a faded hoodie (TARGET) , an absolute fave of mine, over a grey bra tank and layered with my denim racerback vest (gifted)  and new figure 8 scarf from EXPRESS. Figured it not only fit in the color scheme, but added the right kind’ve color to a totally casual, but cool outfit.

Hiding in the center there is a Glam Luxe (EXPRESS, Fall ‘08) piece that is a three-tiered pewter chain with a bow, a metal laced charm, and a huge pearl. It added a little something extra to complete the outfit, coupled with my mix of vintage and wood bangles :)!

Thanks fore reading,



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#WhatIWoreWed: Hipsterrupted

It was my last day out in Indy for my holiday weekend , so as I chilled out, so of course did my style.

I’m always down for comfort and as it was the day I had to truck it back home from my folks place…I went for something easy to get around in. Now, I am super neutrals chick but I’ve been eyeing these royal blue denim and I thought to myself, “they are calling your name girl…they are calling your name.” So I grabbed them, and its not as if I loathe colors…I just never know how to turn it down a level…and I fell in love with the look, the ease of mesh and so forth.

So why is it hipster like? The mix of neutral on pop , with a pattern, as well as the baggy shirt and beanie really set it off. OH! The combat boots as well ;). My love for elephants…this awesome find, with the leather and gold rope chain, really complimented the outfit along with the wood ring. Exciting stuff! I can’t wait to wear this with a blazer and my leopard heels!

Now did I come home and pass out? No. Rearranged my entire home decor. New year. New look . I’m ready for it.

Anywho, thanks for reading! ;)

(Top, One Clothing [ROSS]/racerback tank, Discovery/bottoms, EXPRESS/ Scarf, EXPRESS/ Necklace, DECREE [JCP]/Ring, Body Central/Beanie, Forever 21 [old])

Until Next time,


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#OOTD: Holiday Outings

Hey loves!!! Yes its been a minute and I hope you’ve all had a happy holiday! I sure as heck did. :) I got some awesome goodies for Christmas and normally the day after Christmas we as a family go shopping and we did just that.

As shown above, today I remixed a few of my fave articles of clothing (the flannel top and figure eight scarf) with the new military backpack purse and artsy ring. I found the perfect military backpack in Claire’s believe it or not, and we ended up in JCPenny’s and it was MORE than 1/2 the price in the one at Claire’s so I am quite ecstatic about this find! The scarf: I just seem to be photographed alot in it. Its like whenever I wear it around my neck, a photo is taken, without a thought.
Now the outfit was perfect for chill mode as my sister and I just ran errands today, which of course included a trip to the nail salon for eyebrow and nail perfection!

(top, Discovery/scarf, EXPRESS/purse, DECREE/artsy ring, Body Central/Denim, EXPRESS/ Nail lacquer, O.P.I[Tickle My Fancy])

As the weather began to change, and I mean a quick change, we hustled to the last store and headed back. Can you say COLD?! It wasn’t sure if it wanted to rain or snow today, and mind you we didn’t see anything but sunshine on Christmas (JUST what I requested btw).  Either way, the break has been an awesome one thus far and I am pleased to say such things!

Also, its nearing the end of the year and I will be re-posting  some of the year’s hottest articles! Just to give a re-cap you know? :)

Until then,


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