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F&B: Popcorn

Most people eat popcorn when they take a trip to the movies, while others just use it to decorate their
tree for a holiday. After reading this article you might reconsider your usage of popcorn. It has several
health benefits that I think you should know about.

Insoluble Fiber

I am pretty sure you have heard of fiber, but did you know popcorn consist of insoluble fiber? This type
of fiber acts as a laxative which can help with constipation! That right, I said it! If you have problems
when you sit down for a number 2, then try getting it popping with popcorn. How does it work? Well
insoluble means that it does not dissolve in water. This allows the fiber to pass through the digestive
system barely untouched. In turn, this speeds the passage of other foods and waste through the system.
In addition, if you are calorie counting, then add popcorn to the list because it is a low calorie snack that
is safe to eat!


The body is under attack daily by free radicals that cause damage to cells, which can lead to health
problems such as cancer. If you get it popping with popcorn, your body will be provided with
antioxidants that help remove free radicals. Furthermore, popcorn can be looked at as a preventive
tactic towards cancer!

Good Fats

Watching what you eat can be tricky and hard, but with the right education it gets easier every day.
Knowing the difference between good and bad fats can really help your diet. Popcorn contains good
fats (Mono-unsaturated and Polyunsaturated), also called HDL cholesterol. These help lower the bad
fats (LDL cholesterol) by removing it from the cells in the arteries and transporting it back to the liver for
repackaging and removal from the body. If you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure, try getting
it popping with popcorn!

-Paris Von, MHA

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A Letter From The Desk: Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday has to be one of my favorite days of the year…
Woohoo for Mardi Gras!!!! The parties, the food…It happens to be the day where you can eat anything and everything you want in the world (or DO anything and everything you want) …and in turn give up one of those things for the next coming months. Do you all celebrate Lent? Well, it was something I celebrated from Kindergarten all the way up into my last year in college. :D It was quite exciting, but I think over the years I kind’ve forgot what it actually meant to give up that one thing.

I would literally give up one thing, just to say, “yes, I did indeed give that up. How do I feel????? I dunno…” Would be the question and answer series that followed it. So, I am going to go back a few years and pull on a time when I gave something up for lent, and it changed my life. Senior year, I gave up meat. Yep just decided, “ya know, I am going to give up meat.” That is exactly how it went. My mother was like “What? Why? What’s wrong?” but I actually went from doing that for about a month and a half…and as soon as Lent was over, I went back to taste the meat and realized I honestly wasn’t missing a thing. From that point on, I literally let it go, and in the middle of my 2nd year of school I went from being a 2nd Level vegetarian to a full on vegan.

How did that vegan life work out you may ask?
It didn’t. Not for me at least. I danced, ate minimally as it was and in turn got incredibly sick from it. Malnutrition. Didn’t recognize how sick I was getting until I realized that I wasn’t fully taking care of me, but alas, I had to go back to chicken and fish to not only get my weight up but to get the protein my body desperately needed.

But, I am going back to being a full on vegetarian. Eating right with a little bit of exercise is the best thing that could’ve ever happened for me though. I’ve always been a happy person, but its something about being a healthy eater 24/7 to make you feel even MORE amazing than usual.

So with that being said, I am giving up bread and baked goods, as well as poultry and fish. :D Plus I’ve got all of the Soy product I will need to get the right kind’ve protein as well as those nasty vitamins, so I’m excited! LOL. How about you all? What are you looking to give up?

I will also say, I am NOT Catholic, but having been in Private school forever, it was something they never required us to do, they simply asked, what we were willing to give up for a month, and I guess I’m asking you the same. What can you do without for a month? See if its truly a need moreover a want!

Well for now, eat as MUCH food as you like, and if any of your family has made etoufee, PLEASE save me a bowl!

Until Next Time,



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